While the novel emerged in the 18th Century, it was in the 19th Century that it became the dominant form of western literature, a form which has given rise to developments, reactions and responses throughout the 20th and 21st century world. Serialisation in periodicals meant the novel reached an increasingly wide readership, and its subjects became those of concern to ordinary people: industry, the city, nature, war, poverty, crime, marriage, religion. Although the dominant trend was realistic, the novel also ventured into the domains of fantasy, romance, adventure, horror and exploration. The century was a period of significant social, political, economic and psychological changes and these are registered in the work of the major novelists, a selection of whose works will be included in this Paper. Students will be expected to undertake individual reading of the novels; to keep in touch with lecturers; and to submit regular written exercises on their reading. While students are encourage to acquire hard copies of the texts, all are available in electronic format, and most have audiobooks associated with them