Research project in compliance with regulations to pass honors degree in in dustrial psychology.

An introduction into and exploration of the theoretical principles that underwrite the science of industrial psychology.

Provides an introduction into the concepts that form the foundation for Industrial Psychology and Human Resource Management.
Education and training with regards to the field of career counseling and management as applicable to industrial psychologists and HR personnel.
Postgraduate course in the art of research and applied psychometrics.

One of the major challenges faced by employers is to adhere to the laws that govern the employment relationship. Employees have more rights and an ability to withhold their power. With the rise of unionism with an intention to restore workplace democracy, the employment relationship has become complex. Therefore, this course seeks to prepare an  HR student who is a future custodian of the organisational policies to be equipped with basic knowledge of some laws that govern the relationship, the role players in the relationship as well as the environmental factors (micro and macro) affecting the relationship. 

This course is about bringing change to individuals in the workplace or organisational systems and managing the development thereof.