Welcome to the module History and Principles of Co-operatives. This module will introduce the learners to the Historical development of the co-operative movement from a global perspective: History of cooperation/mutual aid among people and different forms of economic systems. Learners will also be introduced to the history of the co-operative movement in South Africa and the status of co-operatives world wide. We will also introduce learners to Co-operative Principles and modern co-operatives.  Learners will be exposed to various other forms of business ownership and make comparisons of co-operatives and other forms of business ownership.  Lastly the role of co-operatives and developing countries will be introduced and discussed with the learners.

This module is offered in the first year in order to lay a sound foundation to the understanding of a Co-op, how it functions and how it is fundamentally different from other forms of business ownership.

Students will be expected to do study and prepare before attending lectures. This will not only allow students to identify potential problems but it will also facilitate the understanding of the various concepts and new terminology that a student will be required to use.