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Student Labs

ICT Computer Training consists of students’ computer laboratory on both Kwa-Dlangezwa and Richards Bay campus. Both of these campuses have a dedicated computer studios reserved for all registered students.

Kwa-Dlangezwa Campus has HP Lab has three studios & Block-B has four studios & a dedicated Helpdesk reserved for students. We also have nine departmental computer labs reserved for departmental student’s computer needs.

Computer labs at Richards Bay Campus consist of four computer studios.



  1. To support the university’s strategic goals, including improving the quality of graduates through developing essential graduate competencies;
  2. To improve the student learning experiences both on-campus and off-campus
  3. Support innovative and transformation in classroom and off campus practices and curricula.
  4. To address transformation imperatives and close equity gaps.

What services can you access while studying remotely?

Remote Services

This help page will briefly outline the student services that undergraduate and postgraduates’ students can access while studying remotely.

    Outlook – Office (student email) Access to Office 365 OneDrive eLearning (Moodle) Student records (ITS iEnabler) How to Log a call

Accessing IT Support Off Campus

Remote Support

All UniZulu registered students have mailboxes on the Unizulu cloud-based mail system with an email address being: This mailbox is where a student will receive all communication from Unizulu Notices and his/her faculties correspondence and peer to peer communication. So, it is very crucial to check your university email regularly.

Steps to open your email:

  • Open a browser and go to https://outlook. or
  • Username:
  • Password: Your UNIZULU Computer Lab password.

How to access Microsoft Office 365?

Office 365

To download Microsoft Office 365 on your personal device:

  • Visit
  • Sign in with your Unizulu e-mail address and your password.
  • Click "Install Office 365".

After downloading and installing. Use your Unizulu e-mail address and your password to activate your Office.

How to activate Microsoft Office 365?


When you start an Office app that's not activated, you'll be prompted to sign in to Office. Be sure to sign in using the Microsoft 365 account. Click Sign in and continue with the setup until the last step.

Note: You use your Unizulu email to activate Microsoft Office 365

  • Username:
  • Password: Your Unizulu password

How to check if your account is activated?

Check Activation

  1. Open your Word application
  2. Click File > Then select account tab
  3. Under Product Information (You should see if your Office is activated)
  4. If not: Click on resolve to activate
Note: Your laptop should be connected to WiFi/Internet for office activation.

Benefits of using Microsoft Office 365

Office Benefits

Microsoft Office 365 includes familiar software such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneDrive. These can be installed on three devices (e.g. laptop, tablet, smartphone). With fully installed versions of these Office desktop apps, you can even work on documents when you're offline.

OneDrive is a place where you can store, sync your Unizulu assignments and share your work files. As part of Office 365, OneDrive lets you update and share your files from anywhere and work on Office documents with others simultaneously it gives you 1TB of online storage: With Office 365, you have the perfect place to store all your personal files. All your files will be stored online, which means that you'll be able to access them anytime, anywhere, by logging in to your 365-account using your Unizulu e-mail address and password.

Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams has been designed as a full-fledged messaging app, focusing on organizing tasks, initiating team conversations, sharing content, and more. With Microsoft Teams download, you can set up video conferences with anyone remotely. Login using your Unizulu email.

How do I start using Teams?
Any actively enrolled student or currently employed staff or faculty member can create their own Teams. To get started: 1. Download Teams for your desktop, iOS, or Android, or just use Teams on the web at

  • Username:
  • Password: Your Unizulu password

Moodle Access


Please note that the Moodle platform has been updated for the 2021 academic year. Your courses from the academic 2021 academic year can now be accessed through the link below and select your faculty on the right menu option.

Link: eLearning Access (Moodle)

Access on your Mobile Device> All registered students using Moodle (LMS) can access their Unizulu courses via Moodle App on their mobile device.
You can download the Moodle App from the Google Play or App store.

Moodle URLs


Below are the links for Moodle per faculty based on the modules you are doing.

Faculty of ARTS LMS:

Faculty of SCIENCE LMS:

Faculty of COMMERCE LMS:


Unizulu Student Information System

ITS iEnabler Access

iEnabler allows all currents students/alumni to log in to access their UNIZULU information online. Student can use iEnabler to access academic record, financial statement, Results and Residence Application. Students are required to use 5 digits PIN they were given during Online Registration.

Off Campus Access Link to ITS Self-Service iEnabler:

Accessing iEnabler via university website

Open your browser and type Under Student Zone > Select iEnabler The above page will appear and you use:

  • Username: Student Number
  • Pin: 5 Digits (PIN)

Requesting and Managing your Password

Password Management

You can manage password changes at Password Self-Service:
All registered students in 2021

  • Will have their unique password send to their emails and via SMS
  • Should you fail to get it kindly log a call at Student Labs Helpdesk

Password regulations
When choosing a password, please adhere to these requirements:
  • Your password must be at least 14 characters long, with no spaces.
  • Your password is not case sensitive.
  • Your password can include a mix of letters, special characters and numbers.
  • Your password cannot include text that is easy to guess – such as "123", "abc" or your Unizulu username.
  • You cannot use a password that you have used in the past.

Your password is critical for your access to almost majority of Unizulu services:
  • Do not share your password with anyone.
  • Protect your password in the same way as you would your bank card PIN.
  • Never allow other people access to your email or network account - because you are liable for any email sent using your email address.

Software Installation Request on your Devices

Software Installation

Some of the software available to students includes the following applications: Antivirus Support

Symantec Endpoint Protection
Statistical analysis:

Logging a Call

Student Help and Support

Contact our Service Desk by logging a call via email or call us at:

  • Kwa-Dlangezwa Campus 035 902 6017/6018
  • Richards Bay Campus 035 902 6912
IT Student log reporting via Email:
  • Kwa-Dlangezwa Campus 035 902 6017/6018
  • Richards Bay Campus 035 902 6912

Student Walk-In Centres
Student labs provides student walk-in assistance across its both campuses. Services provided include:
  • Friendly, knowledgeable, hands-on staff is always available and ready to assist students with any issue relating to technical and blended learning issues.
  • Resetting of Student Active Directory (AD) services (includes password reset, enable/disable student accounts)
  • Also to configure Troubleshooting (hardware diagnostics) their devices, so that it connects safely to the UNIZULU network.
  • Configuration of Student mobile devices (Laptops, Smartphones and Tablets). Includes configuration of email accounts and wireless connectivity
  • We also provide basic Windows support and basic hardware troubleshooting.
  • Installation/a How to steps on: Unizulu software’s (Microsoft Office365, SPSS, NVivo, Arc-GIS, Antivirus and Endnote)
  • Students also obtain the latest anti-virus support and updates from this team on daily basis.
  • Helpdesk Support is Not limited to educational software's only.
  • We also advice students on: iEnabler access
  • access to results, apply for residence, online application, proof of registration, fees statement
  • Remote Assistance (via TeamViewer)

Unizulu Student Walk-in Centre location:
  • Kwa-Dlangezwa Campus – HP Lab & B-Lab
  • Richards Bay Campus – Second Floor.

New Laptop Setup

Laptop Configuration

  1. Select United State, then click Yes
  2. Click Skip if you don't want another layout, otherwise click Add layout
  3. Select I don’t have internet.
  4. Select Continue with limited setup.
  5. Accept agreements
  6. Type in your preferred Username to create your account, then click Next.
  7. Create a password, then click Next
  8. Re-enter your password, then click Next.
  9. Customise the privacy settings on your device, then click Accept
  10. Your account and personalised settings will be set up on the machine. This may take some time.
  11. Once complete, you will be directed to the desktop.

New Laptop Setup

Personal Account Setup

Create a local Account (Offline Setup)

  1. Swipe in from the right edge of the screen, tap Settings, and then tap Change PC settings. (If you're using a mouse, point to the lower-right corner of the screen, move the mouse pointer up, click Settings, and then click Change PC settings.)
  2. Tap or click Accounts, and then tap or click Other accounts.
  3. Tap or click Add an account, and then tap or click Sign in without a Microsoft account (not recommended).
  4. Tap or click Local account.
  5. Enter a user name for the new account.
  6. If you want this person to sign in with a password, enter and verify the password, add a password hint, and then tap or click Next. If your PC is on a domain, depending on the domain's security settings, you might be able to skip this step and tap or click Next, if you prefer.
  7. Tap or click Finish.

Frequently Asked Questions


How to access email Open a browser: https://outlook.

How to reset a forgotten PIN
Step 1
Click the ITS iEnabler Link and enter your student number and click Request A PIN
Step 2
Your PIN is sent to your Unizulu/Personal email account.
Step 3
Login to your email using your Credentials to locate your requested pin. Note: if your pin is not appearing. Log a call at Helpdesk via email

How to reset a Password
Kindly log a call at Student Labs Helpdesk
Kwadlangezwa Campus: 035 902 6017/6018
Richards Bay Campus: 035 902 6912

How to connect to LMS (Moodle)
Visit eLearn website: and select your Faculty

Software Installation
Special departmental software installation can be done to all registered students on request. Student requesting assistance with university licensed software must make a request via their HODs/Supervisors.

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